Complacency and Challenge

Sometimes wake-up calls in all areas of life (including money) come about after a period of complacency or ignorance – and in the midst of a challenge. As a personal example, I didn’t get my finances in order until I was ‘forced’ to, following a period of debt. If I had not got into debt, I probably would not have been motivated enough to understand budgeting, investing, save-to-spend tactics or checking in each week and month with my financial goals. I would have sleepwalked through my financial life, for sure.

It’s easy to say in retrospect that you’re grateful for the hard lessons – whilst you’re in the middle of any crisis it’s no fun and that sense of perspective, of being grateful for what you will learn, is pretty difficult to have.

Related to that, tonight I was thinking about how I genuinely like to be challenged, pushed a little bit to be more, do more, push my own boundaries. I was thinking about any situations in life where I’ve been challenged and forced to step up – whether that’s discipline myself, learn things I’d rather be ignorant of, learn new skills about handling money or people or fitness etc.

Every challenge has required me to be my best self. And that’s the level I operate best at.

Maybe in some bizarre way I even invited in my own financial challenge just to push myself to overcome it, thrive on the challenge, and come out the other side a better person. Who knows?

So if you are in a financial situation at the moment that’s challenging for you – be that unhealthy spending patterns or debt or wanting to bury your head in the sand – RE-FRAME it!

What is this challenge calling you forth to be? What would your best self do? Do you need to tap into some grit, evoke the warrior in you? Do you need to be brave and speak up or out? Do you need to allow curiosity to lead you to better knowledge?

Sometimes when we *think* we’re happily coasting along in something, we’re not bringing our best selves to the table. Sometimes we’re at our best when we’re being challenged. So embrace the challenge, show life what you’re made of – whether that’s in your financial life or any other area of life.

What is the situation calling you forth to be?

Rock it,

S xo