Is there such a thing as being ‘too’ conscious?

Reading through personal development, spirituality, and self help books there can be a lot of talk about consciousness and making conscious choices. To ‘co-create’ you life, make the best choices you can to build a life in line with your visions.

I dig that, and think it is important to live life with as much clarity as possible. Consiousness/awareness is the key to begin changing unhealthy habits, patterns and relationships. Consciousness helps you make the best choices for yourself.

However, I found that my ‘consciousness’ or self – ‘awareness’ could sometimes throw up a batch of other problems – questioning my decisions (are they honourable, the best choices?), cross-checking myself, wanting specific things rather than being open to what I *could* have, and generally judging or analyzing myself throughout the day.

Anyone else fallen into that trap?

A friend of mine was telling me how a few years ago she had this problem too, hers had an eco-warrior flavour. She checked all her choices against how environmentally-friendly she was being, to the point of not wanting to take up any space on the Earth as she was using up its resources (including the air). Her ‘consciousness’ when it came to decision making and ‘being’ in the world had got to the point where she was effectively boxing herself in, limiting her life and creating mental turmoil (as well as guilt).

Yesterday on a whim I went to watch the Olympics men’s road cycle race as it went through my local park. If i had been more ‘conscious’ about how precious my time is and the activities i REALLY want to bring into my life, I probably should have worked more on my website, gone to a dance class, or used the time to clarify my week-ahead-goals. Instead, I went to watch the race (I’m not a cycling fan, by the way) and had a fantastic afternoon. The excitement of the crowd, mingling with people from all over the world all having a good time, it was great.

And i realised if I had stuck to my ‘conscious’ decisions, I probably wouldn’t have gone. And i would have missed out.

Be conscious – use awareness to shine light on problem areas in your life so you can then transform them. But don’t use consciousness/awareness to berate yourself. Don’t use it to analyze yourself or pull your every decision apart. It should be a tool for empowerment!

Love and gold medals,

S xo

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